About Us

First of all, WELCOME to Crystal Bliss & Co!

My mission is to bring happiness, confidence, healing and love into your life. I know that life gets hard and obstacles arise, and sometimes we lose ourselves. It's a big world out there and lets face it, its easy to get lost and even easier to hold on to things that we really need to let go of, and heal from.

I hope that providing carefully selected unique crystals will assist you when you're feeling knocked down. My commitment to you is that I don't sell anything I don't love, or wouldn't have in my own collection.

Crystals have always been a passion and interest of mine, ever since my Granny gifted me my first Amethyst sphere as a child. Over the years, my Mum and I have continued to build our crystal collection, and each one has brought us joy, hope, and a sense of serenity. Not to mention that all pieces are special in their own way, and make a great addition to home décor. 

After a lot of hard work I have finally established Crystal Bliss & Co which came from a vision Mum (she has given me all the help and support needed to make this happen) and I have shared together. I hope from small beginnings it grows into something inspiring! I am very excited to be celebrating a love for precious stones. I hope shopping with us is a blissful experience !

A big shout out to my Dad also who has helped in every way he can and also to my special group of extended family and friends. 

- Amber xx